Ribbon Pakoda



ribbon pakoda


1) For this Ribbon Pakoda you can use either Home made Rice flour or store bought Rice flour.

2) Take all the ingredients in a big bowl or a big plate


3) Add some luke warm water little by little and make a tight dough


4) Heat up the oil in a pan. Drop a small piece of the dough into the oil in order to check the readiness of the oil. If the dough comes up immediately then the oil is ready to make the dish

5) Take a medium ball sized dough and fill it up in the Ribbon Pakoda mould

6) Press the mould over the hot oil and make the pakoda


7) When one side is completely cooked, turn the other side

8) When the bubbles in and around the pakoda are settled down (it means the dish is completely cooked) drain the oil and take it out



 Break this big pakoda into small pieces . Now the crispy Ribbon Pakoda is ready

NOTE : You can add 1/2 teaspoon of sesame seed when make the dough( it is optional)


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