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Rangoli With Dots

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Kolam means the word “beauty” Traditionally, it is drawn at the entrance of a home and made with rice flour.

The kolam serves two ideals- religious and ornamental. It is drawn to invite the goddess Laxhmi who gives prosperity and wealth. In olden days, at the break of dawn, ladies took a bath and drew the kolam before they start their household activities. It is said that drawing a kolam will invite Laxhmi to their house, but this is not the only purpose behind the kolam.

Ancient people concealed the scientific reason behind the art of kolam. The scientific reasons behind it is that it exercises their waist, knees, legs, and their hands, at the same time they have to focus on their kolam to make it perfect. This concentration involved in kolam drawing is similar to meditation and also it encourages creativity.

The simplest form of the kolam is the pulli kolam or “dotted kolam“. Dots of rice flour are placed in a grid-like framework, which are then joined to take the form of a symmetrical shapes or a regular polygon. Symmetry was of key importance to the kolam artist as it denotes universal balance or the Hindu aspect of Shiva-Shakti

Besides geometrical shapes, the kolam incorporates natural motifs like animals, fruit, flowers, and  also temple car, pongal pot , lamps etc., ..

Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes. In Tamil Nadu millions of women draw kolams on their doorstep with white rice flour and do ornamental with Kavi(red sand powder)

Decoration is not the sole purpose of a Kolam. In olden days, kolams were drawn in coarse rice flour, so the ants would not have to walk too far or too long for a meal. The rice powder also invited birds and other small creatures to eat it, thus welcoming other beings into one’s home and it is a sign of invitation to welcome all into the home

In this section i would like to share some of my kolam creations and also the traditional kolams. I hope you will enjoy and try to do it.

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