Poha / Rice flakes sweet pongal



aval pongal


1) Pressure cook the moong dal for two whistles

2) Dissolve the jaggery in the water and filter it

3) Soak the poha in hot water. ( don’t add too much water)



4) Take the ghee in a pan and roast the cashew nuts, raisins and sliced coconut (or grated coconut). Powder the cardamom with a teaspoon of sugar

5) Take the cooked moong dal in a big pan and turn on the stove



6) Add the soaked rice flakes and mix it well

7) Add the boiled milk, coconut milk,and the jaggery syrup

8) Stir it continuously (don’t let the content stick at the bottom). Add a pinch of salt



wat 2



9) When the content gets thicker,  add the roasted grated coconut,cashew nuts,raisins, and cardamom


wat 3



10) Add the ghee and stir it well. Cook it in a slow flame for 5 minutes





Decorate the pongal with a pinch of saffron

Now the Rice flakes / aval sweet pongal is ready. This pongal is perfect for prasadam / Naivethiyam for Navarathiri




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