Plantain Flower vada / vazhaipoo vadai




ingredients for plantine vada


 1) Soak Channa dahl and toor dahl for 2 hours. Wash it well and drain the water

2) Grind the dahls coarsely along with fennel seed, red chilli and salt

3)Clean the plantain flower.(see the picture how to clean)



 4) Cook the plantain flower for 5 minutes with little amount of water( I always prefer to steam it ) Since we are going to grind it, there is no need to cut it

5) Let the plantain flower cool and put it in a blender. Just twist the mixie for a second. Do not grind it well. It should be in coarse consistency


6) Mix dahl mixture, plantain flower, sliced onion, coconut, asafoetida, turmeric powder, garam masala, curry leaf and coriander leaf. Mix it well


7) Make small vadas out of this mixture and fry it in hot oil ( when you drop the vadai into the oil, the oil  should be hot or else the vadai absorbs more oil) AFTER THAT YOU SHOULD REDUCE THE FLAME  INTO MEDIUM AND FRY THE VADA TILL IT TURNS INTO SLIGHT BROWNDSC02277

This Chettinad special vadai will go well with sambar rice, lemon rice, tamarind rice, curd rice and rasam rice also


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