Oats – Veg Uthappam



oats uthappam


1) Dry roast the Bombay rava and the oats together till they get nice aroma

2) Dry roast the gram flour separately

3) Crush the black pepper and the cumin seeds into a coarse powder

4) Cut all the vegetables and the onion into small pieces



 5) Powder the oats, rava, and the gram flour in a blender along with required amount of salt. Add the curd, crushed pepper, cumin, coconut and required amount of water . Mix it well and make the batter like dosa batter consistency

6)Heat up the pan and add 2 teaspoon of oil. When the oil is hot, saute the onion and the vegetables one by one for a minute

unnamed (1)

7)  Keep the oats batter and the vegetables separately


8) Grease the dosa pan with little bit of oil and pour the dosa batter when the pan is hot

9) Make a small dosa and spread the vegetable mixture on the the top. slightly press the vegetables with a ladle. Apply require amount of oil in and around the dosa

unnamed (14)

10) Flip the the dosa when one side is done. Let the other side cook for a minute

unnamed (6)

Serve this healthy and tasty oats uthappam with coconut chutney, sambar or mint chutney


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