Masala Sev



masala sev


1) Dry roast 1 tablespoon of urad dal and powder it in a blender

2) Crush the black pepper and cumin seeds into a coarse powder

3) Grind the garlic with some water and filter it


4) Take a big bowl, add all the ingredients, and mix it well

5) Add the garlic water little by little and make a tight dough. ( if the garlic water is not enough to make the dough, then you can add some plain water) 


6) Take a medium ball sized dough and fill it up in the sev mould. ( if you don’t have the sev mould , you can use a little bit big holed murukku mould)

7) Heat up the oil in a pan. Check the readiness of the oil. Hold the mould over the hot oil and press the mould. Let the sev drop down into the hot oil.


8) Turn the sev frequently in order to cook completely

9) When the bubbles in and around the sev are settled down , drain the oil and take it out from the oil



Now the crispy Masala Sev is ready


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