Masal Vadai



table for masal vadai


1) Wash the channa dal well and soak it for 2 hours

2) Keep a tablespoon of soaked channa dal separately.

3) Grind rest of the channa dal with red chili, fennel seeds, and ginger. The batter should be a little bit coarse and have a thick consistency ( slightly sprinkle the water while grinding )

4) Cut the onion, and green chili into small pieces.

5) Add the onion, green chili, asafoetida, mint leaves, curry leaves, required amount of salt, and a tablespoon of soaked channa dal. Mix it well  (you can add a little bit of garam masala powder if you wish)


6) Heat up required amount of oil in a pan. When the oil is hot, take small ball size batter and make vada.

7) Drop the vadas in the hot oil. When you drop the vada in the oil, the flame should be in high position. After you add the vada the flame should be in medium position. You can make 4 to 5 vadas at a time


8) Flip the vada back and forth in order to cook well on both sides


9) When both sides start to turn into a golden brown color, use the strainer to take out the vada from the oil


Now the crispy MASAL VADA is ready to serve with your hot coffee or tea


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