Chilli Panner Uthappam

DSC06085 copy

panner uthappam


  1. Cut the onion, bell-pepper, and tomato into small cubes. Grate the carrot and cut the green chilli and ginger (optional) into small pieces (if you don’t like tomatoes in your uthappam, you can skip it. I did not include it in my uthappam)DSC06052
  2.   Heat up the dosa pan and pour the dosa batter and spread it into a small and thick dosaDSC06059 copy
  3. Spread all of the vegetables on the top of the dosa and apply some oil around the dosa and let it cook for a minuteDSC06096
  4. After one minute, flip the dosa and cook it for another minuteDSC06067
  5. Flip it over once again and add the grated paneer on top and remove the dosa from the dosa panDSC06100
  6. The heat in the dosa is enough to melt the grated paneerDSC06103
  7. Serve this healthy and delicious chilli paneer dosa with coconut chutney, sambar, tomato chutney etc.

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