Chettinad Thenkuzhal

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thenkuzhal table



  1. Take the home made raw rice flour in a bowl

2) Here is the link for Home made Rice flour

Home made Rice flour

If you live abroad you can buy store bought Idiyappam powder

2. Heat up a pan and dry roast the urad dal till it gets a nice aroma

3. Powder the roasted urad dal in a blender in to a fine powder. Sieve the urad dal powder

4. Add the urad dal powder, butter, required amount of salt, cumin seeds (usually in Chettinad we don’t add cumin seeds in thenkuzhal) with the rice flour. Mix it well and add water little by little. Knead the flour into thick consistency


5. Heat up the required amount of oil in a big kadai. Drop a small piece of the dough in to the oil in order to check the readiness of the oil. If the dough comes up immediately, then the oil is ready to make Thenkuzhal


6. Fill half of the Thenkuzhal mold with the dough (if you fill too much it will be hard to press). I use chettinad Thenkuzhal mold. You can use whatever murukku mold you have

7. Keep the mold over the hot oil and press it in a circle motion and make a medium size Thenkuzhal


8. Turn the Thenkuzhal on both sides in order to cook it properly. Use a long handle iron stick or ladle to turn

9. Once the bubbles around the Thenkuzhal settle down, take out the Thenkuzhal from the oil and place it on a paper towel in order to absorb the excess oil


       Now the traditional Chettinad Thenkuzhal is ready for your family’s snack time 


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