Chettinad Kandarappam



table for kandarappam


1) Wash the raw rice, boiled rice, urad dal, channa dal, and the fenugreek seeds twice or thrice. Soak all these ingredients for 3 to 4 hours

2) Powder the jaggery and add 3/4 cup of water and keep it dissolved in the water. After the jaggery dissolves completely, filter the jaggery syrup. ( This is done to get rid of the impurities from the jaggery)

3) Grind the soaked rice and dal mixture. Use the filtered jaggery syrup to grind the batter. If the jaggery syrup is not sufficient then you can add plain water little by little. Grind the coconut when the batter is 3/4 th done to a fine consistency. Finally add the cardamom powder and a pinch of salt . The batter should be in the idly batter consistency

Note : If you want to keep the Kandarappam for days don’t add the coconut.

4) Let the batter rest for 30 to 45 minutes. Use a flat type spoon to make the appam


5) Heat up required amount of oil to make appam. When the oil is hot, stir the batter well and pour a spoon of batter in the hot oil

Capture 1

6) When you pour the batter, the oil should be hot. After pouring the batter the flame should be in between  medium to high. When you pour the batter the edges will rise up like a border

Capture 5

7) Splash some hot oil over the appam. Flip the other side to cook. Flip both side once or twice in order to cook.


8) Once the appam is getting golden brown color take out the appam with a ladle. Drain the oil and keep it in a paper napkin to absorb excess oil


9) For each and every appam you should stir the batter well and make it. You should not make 2 or more appam at a time. You have to make one by one

Now the authentic Chettinad Kandarppam is ready to serve


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